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    Visual stimulation in the history class brings fantastic results. Would like to hear from other members who use this methodology.

    • Waldorf teachers, me included, do use visual stimulation right through all years of school across all subjects, be it through crayon drawings, paintings, actual visits to relevant locations, etc. We try to have the children live the particular concept, event, phenomenon, etc and own it…

      • That sounds great Shabda Priya! Please tell us more!
        I remember a class which my mother took using sensory techniques-both visual and tactile. She was talking about excavations, I think with her class 7 students. She spent a day burying objects in the sand pit in the playground. The following day, she handed some ‘tools’ to her children and asked them to become archaeologists. It was not only great fun, but what was fantastic was the immersive nature of the class. Of course, the rest of the class was held outside, under a tree, with each student describing what they had found.