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    In reply to: meena malhotra posted an update in the group A MISSING GENERAL, A TRUSTED JEEP, AND SUBMERGED NARRATIVES OF 1971 Visual stimulation in the history class brings fantastic results. Would like to hear from other members who use this methodology. View

    That sounds great Shabda Priya! Please tell us more!
    I remember a class which my mother took using sensory techniques-both visual and tactile. She was talking about excavations, I think with her class 7 students. She spent a day burying objects in the sand pit in the playground. The following day, she handed some ‘tools’ to her children and asked…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Sharat Kumar posted an update in the group Teaching Contested Histories It is not important to learn history lessons rather the focus should be to learn lessons from history. The challenge begins when you begin with long.. long ago....there lives a king. Who wants to know kings of the past until he is not present. So Why not to begin with the Present History going back to past one step at a time. It is important as teacher to observe relevant real time examples when turning the pages of history. For example- Why not to give a task of knowing the names and a little bit of three or four generations of grand and great grand parents? Then simply discuss the sense of accomplishments with them with both those who can and those who cant\'? And then start talking about Mughals...Let syllabus wait for a while!!!!!! Hope I am making some sense. Cheers View

    Sir, but what about the immense pressure teachers are under to stick to lesson plans and exams and marks? Also, I have met some teachers who tell me that parents object to even the slightest deviations from the curriculum.
    Having said that, I think the whole pattern of teacher training needs to undergo a radical shift. Simply so that teachers,…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Sharat Kumar posted an update in the group Free Learning A School is for academics. That\'s what the whole idea is? But school is the first real place to expose to the concept of socialisation for students. But what if when your start making them learn your way of socialisation. As a humanities learner, we are the most vulnerable species as a teacher because we exist at the fringe. Science has the freedom to move on but humanities always have to thrive to make its presence. One reason may be that during the course of teaching we exist paradoxically. We teach freedom of speech but we stay away from giving voices to our students. We have abstained ourself from bringing controversies to our classroom because most of us are comfortable in the politically correct situation. Bring the controversies of the real world. Let students voice opinions and be prepared to deliberate in finding reasons for such controversies. We must remember that science goes for answers and humanities strives to ask better questions. Let our students thrive for answers and if you see them asking better questions. your chapter is complete. Cheers!! View

    Couldn’t agree more Sharat Sir! I think the entire school environment needs to be opened up into a space for questioning. Education needs to be less top heavy and more participatory.
    How would you, as an educator, work on bringing real world discussions into the classroom?

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