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Bollywood: Maker or Mirror?

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‘Bollywood has constructed a cinema that reflects the world we see around us. And it is not an innocent reflection. It is a magic mirror that will let you see yourself the way you want to be seen. The image and the reflection are caught in a symbiotic relationship.

What is it you want to see?

What is it you see?’

While India stands on the verge of the establishment of a Bharatiya Shiksha Board, it might be timely to take a look at Jerry Pinto’s ‘Bollywood as National(ist) Cinema’ for a take on subtle(r) yet potent forms of promulgating ideology.

From the evolving ideas and demands of the ‘nation’ as reflected in popular hindi cinema and Bollywood’s function in shaping the ‘right’ kind of citizen, to what decides the route a narrative takes–Pinto covers a wide range of ideas as he traverses newer spaces of history ‘production’.

As regular practitioners of the formidable task of teaching history to adolescents, what do you think?

How do you perceive the power of popular media in shaping mindsets?

What is your opinion on Pinto’s argument on the limitations of learning in our school system?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any aspect of this talk that interests you.

Let the adda begin!


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