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Facing challenges in the classroom? Concerned about the syllabus? Seeking answers to pedagogical issues? Have something interesting to share?

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Aaina is an initiative to help encourage reflection on educational experience among students, educators, and anyone engaged with the question of education. Through Aaina, we want to share resources to build critical literacy--to understand how learning is linked to questions of society, history, and culture. Currently, we create content on social media platforms, primarily Instagram, to share research-based perspectives on education and document the experiences of students and teachers. We aim to build conversations on how we can re-imagine education as empowering and transformative for all, not just a privileged few. The Aaina team includes Vrinda Bhatia, a linguistics researcher based out of Delhi, Joyeeta Dey, a sociology of education researcher currently working as project associate at the University of Melbourne, and Sayan Chaudhuri, writing faculty at the Young India Fellowship, Ashoka University. Teesta Nayak, our illustrator, is an EFL teacher based out of Vietnam.

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