The world of art is not restricted to simply art for art’s sake. Work is being done in this field-work that can be used by educators within the classroom and without.

The History for Peace project aims to bring to its audience such work, that while being classified as ‘art’ can be used to teach history, taking it beyond what the textbook specifies. The project also aims to make available to educators in schools the work that is being done in the world of academia-making research not just accessible, but also usable in the school classroom context.

The Peasant Movements through the eyes of Somnath Hore


The Peasant Movements through the eyes of Somnath Hore

'But who were these peasants really? How did they live? What were their grievances? What birthed the idea of solidarity and mass protests...



  • Pandemics: Historical Vignettes

    This global pandemic has almost caught us all unaware. This ‘us’ includes governments and public health departments of countries across t...

  • We, The Children of India: Gulan and Jayant Kripalani

    An excellent way to familiarize your young ones with the Preamble to the Indian Constitution. A reading of Leila Seth's book for children.

  • Migration Files

    Download the file here:

  • Unpacking Systemic Racism

    Download the entire module here: Introduction How does one define someone who assumes an identity different from yours—this could be in t...

  • The Idea of the Indian Constitution: Resources

    he fifth annual History for Peace conference saw a wide range of speakers gathering to address the founding text of this nation from mult...

  • Conference Proceedings

    Every year, History for Peace organises an International Conference on Teaching History, inviting participants from all over the subconti...





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