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October, November, December 2021

July, August, September 2021

Focused on museums, art galleries and their space in school education

April, May, June 2021

Bringing critical conversations on Migration into the classroom.

Jan, Feb, March 2021

October, November, December, 2020

A fresh teaching/learning resource on pandemics, podcasts, digital events and more.

July, August, September 2020

Two fresh teaching/learning resources exploring racism and casteism, a module exploring effects of the subcontinent's partitions on its peoples, and a curation of related arts-based teaching tools from across the web.

Jan, Feb March 2020

Three lesson ideas by experienced teachers and a History for Peace classroom resource.

July, August, September, 2019

Teaching citizenship critically.

April, May, June 2019

Ways of bringing conversations on the Indian Constitution into the classroom.

April, May, June 2020

Two fresh classroom modules and a curated collection of digital resources for the teacher and student in quarantine.

Jan, Feb, March 2019

Using film as an educational tool in the social sciences classrooms.

Jan, Feb, March 2023

Announcements for 2023

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