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Presented by History for Peace as part of the B.Ed course offered by Delhi University.


Sundar Sarukkai, trained in physics and philosophy, has a PhD from Purdue University, USA. His research interests are in the areas of philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, postmodernism, phenomenology and philosophy of art, drawing upon both Western and Indian traditions.

He has been a Homi Bhabha Fellow (1997-1999), Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (1999-2001), Associate Fellow of the Project of History of Indian Science, Philosophy and Culture (2003-2004), and Fellow at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, India (2000-2006). He published Translating the World: Science and Language (2002),Philosophy of Symmetry (2004) and Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science (2005). He is Director of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities at the Manipal University.

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