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International Conference on Teaching History


‘History remains a continuous narrative of preselected events, where neither the basis for the selection of those particular events is examined, nor their relevance. Students of history therefore are trained to receive a certain body of information which they generally commit to memory and which they then go on repeating ad infinitum when in turn become teachers of history or when they attempt writing history. Another reason for this highly unsatisfactory research in a particular field of history is rarely incorporated into standard works and textbooks. Thus in most schools and colleges the student of history is still learning the subject, both in content and in technique, as it was taught one generation (if not two) ago.’

-Romila Thapar


This is an important question the conference will address by showcasing alternative work in the arts, in education and in civil society with the aim of exploring possibilities of bringing these into classrooms.

Download the programme here, or browse below.

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