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The Idea of Culture


Click here for a report on the event.

The society we wish to live in is quite dependent on the values we impart to the future generation. Values in turn are fairly dependent on the education we provide the future generation with. As parents, as teachers, our current obsession seems to be ‘Destination Success’. And ‘Destination Success’ seems to be defined by the marks we obtain to open doors to ‘that’ higher education we desire—for ‘that’ job we aspire to—for ‘that’ level of economic standing that is approved by the society that we have created!

Within the gamut of chasing this ‘that’, where are we placing the intellectual pursuit that makes us better people? A people that understand what it means to be good humans. A people that embraces tolerance. A people that respects difference in all its glory. A people that knows the importance of Questioning and raising a voice against all that is not conducive to the society we wish to live in.

A people that believe Peace is mandatory and accepting the Other is non negotiable.

At History for Peace we are preoccupied with how History is being taught to our future generation—because history is a way of understanding the world around us. It is also a way of understanding the world in us.

History, unfortunately, is also a way to create tension. Textbooks, Media, Social media, Films, Literature—all of these are vehicles of historical narratives that can be true to transmitting knowledge down generations and at the same time prone to manipulation and misrepresentations.

At this year’s annual History for Peace conference we will explore the idea of culture; understand the politics of representation; deconstruct textbooks with textbook writers and participate in hands-on pedagogical workshops based on the concept of archives that open up the idea of material evidence used to imagine history.

Download the programme here, or browse below.

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