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Liberation War in Images: Paintings - A Classroom Resource


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Below are three artworks by renowned Bangladeshi artists (click on the arrow to the right to access). Divide your students into three groups. Assign each group one of the images.

Common instructions for all groups

1. Observe

Focus only on the artwork. Just look at it. Do not try to ‘figure out’ anything. Do not think about background and/or context. Pay attention to your first impressions and your initial reactions. Where does your eye go first? How does the painting make you feel -what is your emotional response?

2. Interpret

What is the meaning of the artwork? What could the artist be trying to say? Discuss mood, symbols, the ‘big idea’. You may want to organise your findings in two columns – Observation and Interpretation.

Remember, not everyone will interpret an artwork in the same way. That is fine - trust your instincts - as long as you can explain your point of view.

3. Connect

Relate the artwork to what you have just learnt about the event. Look for evidence to place it in a historical context. At this point you may want to consider the artist’s background and possible reasons for creating the artwork.

You may have questions that are not answered by the artwork itself. Note them and find out later.

4. Conclude

Analyse how this particular artwork helps in a better understanding of the event. Discuss together as a group. Note and organise your findings for the presentation.


Additional tasks for each artwork:

Image 1(Muktijuddho, Zainul Abedin)

Can you connect this painting with any other historical event:

  • keeping the same title for the painting?

  • changing the title of the painting?

Image 2 (Untitled, Shahabuddin Ahmed)

Why do you think the artist left this painting untitled? If you were to give this painting a name what would you choose?

Image 3 (Untitled, Quamrul Hassan)

Does this painting remind you of another monumental work by a very famous painter?


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