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The PeaceWorks School Curriculum-Literature


Updated: Apr 14, 2021

One of the objectives of the History for Peace project is to explore interdisciplinary ways of teaching. We believe that no subject can be taught in isolation and that educational resources should be developed with this approach. The literature module was developed to bring together the teaching of history and literature where the connections are vast and full of scope for exploration.

The PeaceWorks School Curriculum’s literature module broadly addresses themes of identity, gender, exile and partition and can be completed over six hour-long sessions ending with a creative writing workshop. This workbook has a collection of poetry and essays that all encourage critical thinking and the spirit of enquiry. As with all our resources, the mode of engagement is analytical and creative.

It is a resource for teachers to use in their classrooms and can be easily adapted for use within the existing curriculum.

We have successfully run the curriculum at two schools in Calcutta. Read the reports here:

Download the full resource here:

Download PDF • 368KB

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