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The Peasant Movements through the eyes of Somnath Hore


Updated: Dec 28, 2021

'But who were these peasants really? How did they live? What were their grievances? What birthed the idea of solidarity and mass protests in them? [. . .]India is said to have gained independence in 1947. But did the script really change for these peasants or was freedom unfree despite a newly independent nation because of their very identity? [. . . .] What if an artist was assigned by the Communist Party of India (the party at the helm of mobilizing these peasant movements at the time) to go with a sketchpad and his diary to closely record these movements towards the end of colonial India and the birth of a new India?'

-from the Introduction, The Peasant Movements through the Eyes of Somnath Hore.

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The Peasant Movements
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