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The Shape of Culture through History: second Millennium AD


History for Peace. 

Teaching and Learning History for Peace and Understanding 


The world of art is not restricted to simply art for art’s sake. Work is being done in this field-work that can be used by educators within the classroom and without.

Lesson Ideas

A space for teachers to share and discuss interesting, innovative and creative lesson ideas related to the teaching of history.

Reading Propaganda

‘Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda.’

History: Whose Story?

Things are not always as they appear! Mainstream society often uses hegemonic ideals to promote a mass-produced homogenised culture. This...

Gandhi and Non-Violence

Teaching History through a study of sources

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    The Idea of the Indian Constitution chapter II, Pune

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    Beyond 'Teaching': A conference on the larger meaning of Education - Kochi

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    The Idea of the Indian Constitution, Calcutta


History for Peace conducts an annual conference as well as shorter talks and workshops through the year.



History for Peace is a network of educators and members of civil society in the subcontinent.

The project serves as a platform for discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas pertaining to teaching and learning of history for peace and understanding.

Membership is Free

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