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In Search of Justice through Failures of Reconciliation,The Volatility of Dissent and Systemic Forgetting: A Performative Analysis - Rustom Bharucha

Structured in three sections drawing on performative evidence from different parts of the world, this talk will focus on a wide range of...


History for Peace. 

Teaching and Learning History for Peace and Understanding 


The world of art is not restricted to simply art for art’s sake. Work is being done in this field-work that can be used by educators within the classroom and without.

Lesson Ideas

A space for teachers to share and discuss interesting, innovative and creative lesson ideas related to the teaching of history.

Teaching History for Peace

The overarching goal of education for peace is to raise awareness and take action to liberate our schools and consequent cultures from...

Teaching the Constitution: Caste Bias and Discrimination in Everyday Life - A Lesson Plan

This lesson plan was introduced to 28 teachers from ICSE and CBSE schools based in Kolkata at a History for Peace workshop on June 28,...

Teaching the Indian Constitution: Fundamental Rights, Resistance and the AFSPA - A Lesson Plan

A lesson plan on teaching the constitution, focussing especially on AFSPA and fundamental rights.


History for Peace conducts an annual conference as well as shorter talks and workshops through the year.



History for Peace is a network of educators and members of civil society in the subcontinent.

The project serves as a platform for discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas pertaining to teaching and learning of history for peace and understanding.

Membership is Free

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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Title Comes here


Wednesday, 30 October 2019

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