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Revisiting 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War through Art: Teaching Resources


Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Recently, we concluded a workshop series for high school teachers based on the research Sushrita Acharjee worked on for History for Peace, on the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. (Click here to view the research documents.)

Designed and conducted by experienced History teacher Sunita Biswas (MHS, Kolkata), this workshop series brought to life the exciting potential in Sushrita's research which weaves in photography, paintings, songs and collectible ephemera. The workshops aimed to facilitate teachers in coming up with creative ideas and practical ways of channeling the research into classroom engagements with students. The fifth and final session of the series had Shafia Afroz, educator from Bangladesh, presenting us with perspectives from across the border, and offering a window into how the 1971 Liberation War is taught in Dhaka.

Below are links to the classroom resources developed through this workshop series. Each resource also contains a link to the respective research documents which collectively were the foundation for this series.

1971: Songs of Liberation


Liberation War in Images: Paintings


The Lasting Impact of Collectible Ephemera


Liberation War in Images: Photography


Download the entire teaching module here:

Download PDF • 3.51MB


Bangladeshi classroom perspectives

on the 1971 Liberation War

The presentation by Shafia Afroz in the fifth and final session was followed by a Q & A around some very integral and meaningful issues. You can read a report on the same here.


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